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About Deviant Artist VinceMale/United States Group :iconfeatheredwords: FeatheredWords
Where poetry takes flight.
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Head and Heart
My heart is cold but feet are hot to trot
The mold around my legs cracks and falls like
Eggshells, I crush them with a step.
One foot first, the way it always goes,
Now the trick, the shift of weight,
Shift, weight, shift, weight, shift, weight
There are no longer windows in this place
Walled up with brick, mortar, think, quick!
Too late, momentum gaining, knees-calves straining
My opened hand outstretched, I push through
Tear through
Rip through the wall that divides length from width and time from space
My heart is ice, my feet are keeping pace.
This was a place designed for transit
Made for communication, screaming to
Reach out and touch somebody else, the
"No, nevermind", the "Sorry, my bad", the
Hopes and wishes all flowed once through
these now-empty streets, now barren under sheets of snow
My heart is cold, my feet know where to go.
I follow the widening streets, hoping that, like veins,
The gains and swells indicate a way to square one, ground zero,
Point A.
Past houses em
:iconxaathel:Xaathel 0 0
Poem for Pyromaniacs
I never knew fire could burn fire until I met
showed me how candle kindles candle, and I know
one's gotta die first, and reason goes to show
it's the one lit first that's gonna do the dying.
Your lighter click flint steel sparked and burned
the edge of my fingertips into bubble blisters
of passion from a minister's daughter, your sisters
never knew what happened to you. They
don't hear from you anymore.
My lips were burned eyes blinded heart
and tell me why I burned away
hear me laugh in sandstorms
and look in the arid stretch of your heart for where I used to be
:iconxaathel:Xaathel 2 1
Hang On Tight
You are energy directed, pointed, like a spear
A comet flying across the Milky Way
that reminds me so much
of the pale of your skin; my one wish, to
catch even some of that light
Emanating from the constellation of freckles
between your eyes.
:iconxaathel:Xaathel 1 8
Faded Shades
The ghostly shades blew through the window;
faded fainted color painted years ago,
desperately trying to live again,
but failing description.
The purple of an aunt's kettle, everyone hated it, always leaked, staining pearly lace
with brown crappy coffee.
The green of hideous grandmotherly wallpaper that all her kids hated but
nobody cared enough to change, why ruin her scheming?
Purple kettle steaming
The red-white-red-white barberpole near Sam's that we
never really went to but it was so familiar till the place burned down
green wallpaper rotting
And this canticle of color did a line-reel over suburbia, blowing nothing
at all with the wind
and filled young hearts with ennui
so rightfully belonging to their elders.
Red and white mixed, peppermints,
roses on a grave.
:iconxaathel:Xaathel 15 20
I accidentally hit the submit art button
And here I am.
Hello big scary world.
I meant to look through my gallery, to bask in the frail light of the distant stars,
the stars providing so much light but just not enough heat. Funny, that
They should be reacting at trillions of degrees and we feel
Is it strange that I'm imagining a big, hollow echo to my words, like nobody's listening. And
He had better be listening.
He'd better be listening hard.
:iconxaathel:Xaathel 1 18
Drop You
I can't carry you in my mind
anymore and I see the spot on your
neck where my lips left their stain marking
you as something belonging to someone
else.  And damn if you didn't leave one of
your own.
The time has flown since dark nights and soft
music and that mediocre cushioned cerulean couch.
and damn if you haven't killed me in
my dreams.
I see you stand, and know what you look like beneath
your facade of clothes, I know your geometry
I could write proofs, postulate, pen theorems
and damn if you didn't just throw it
all away.
And on top of it all, at the bottom of
it all
I wish I could trust you just as far
as I can throw you
but I can't,
not even that far.
Not even that far.
:iconxaathel:Xaathel 13 11
Haiku Don't Have Titles
Silent statue stands
Glazed-over glare cast earthward
Laying your soul bare.
:iconxaathel:Xaathel 4 2
Baby I'd Walk All Over You
Baby, I'd walk all over you, because you are broken
Glass beckoning a finger's touch, a toe's caress, oh, so very
Dangerous but so shiny and friendly, it would only really hurt for a second
And then a lifetime after that.
You're diamonds set in the ornate
Carpet next to my kitchen counter, and I can't seem to
not with a hand broom, a push broom, a vacuum, you are entombed
In my subconscious, subliminal submarine,
Entrenched in my Vichy France, never to leave, however much I grieve, staying to
I feel like I've wasted love
On you, oh-so-chaste dove whom is clearly
from above, but rather a middling place, under a rainbow,
which leaves me between the Devil and the Great Blue Fuck You.
You're a black widow, dear, face it;
And I can't simply suck your poison from my veins.
:iconxaathel:Xaathel 12 69
It Falls On Us All
             The sun shone yolk-yellow on us, all the same.
That is, until they realized our stock of sun simply would not last.
Not forever.
They blocked it with solar panels, for our own good, to save up
what little was left.
Then they had an idea, that we didn't have much water left, and we were using it much too
They blocked the rain with massive dishes, just below the sun catchers.
Then came the food. And words.
And then came time. They rationed our time and handed it out, like communion,
our weekly ration of God, was that time.
That is, until they day they tried to ration a soul. Their machines
Whirred with a demonic sound like nothing I've heard, and then it began.
It was an angel's stereophonic scream,
the shot heard around the world. And somewhere deep in our DNA, the sound registered.
Our most ancient defense mechanism heard the clarion call of metaphysical battle.
The world turned blood red and faded t
:iconxaathel:Xaathel 10 7
Agent Karma
Always comes around and goes around, with a passion for perfect curves, for only they can start
Anywhere and go anywhere, returning to the beginning as if it were the end
Because it is. The end, that is. The end that is, was, and will be.
His is the double-edged sword, he can be
or labor to destination for years, decades, millenia, but he always
He is the god of the first and last shots fired, he joins them in curvature,to
as they always do, in a perfect circle. Coming and going.
:iconxaathel:Xaathel 6 16
...and he was called The Great
We are like twins but both alone, he burned like a super
nova, collapsing inward on himself, and I chanted the monotone
of those who know what they want, a limited palette, sustainable decay.
But let's face it we both knew it would end this way;
Face down in his pool, a day-old bottle of booze left in melted ice.
The difference is he couldn't have put money on it. Pity;
He would have made a killing on it.
:iconxaathel:Xaathel 7 8
They Don't Wash Themselves
Hands chapped like a street preacher's lips,
He looked over his sparkling white congregation
Parishioners which he knew he would see the very next day,
with the same sins all over their bodies.
He had often thought it was good for them that he was so
:iconxaathel:Xaathel 2 7
Mature content
March of the Toy Soldiers :iconxaathel:Xaathel 4 15
A sexual
My body is glass walls.
Sheet upon sheet, it doesn't matter how
much I cover they see right through
I don't ascribe to your diatribe;
hateful words aside, that part of me
has died. I do not wish to commit that
Violence on the universe.
Can I not be the me myself and I want to be?
:iconxaathel:Xaathel 3 3
Feet Don't Show
I am the poet who doesn't know it,
Whose feet don't show it, they're size 13.
I make words run for their lives, left to
right a track coach from Hell.
I whip the words into shape,
the shape I know they ought to be in, those lazy bastards,
thinking they can lounge in simple sentences all the live-long day.
I'm the kind of guy who can find a wry way to say
just about goddamn anything.
And yes, I still miss her sometimes.
:iconxaathel:Xaathel 6 9
Banking Isn't for Cowards
Whenever I hear a lock shut,
my mind takes me to dark alleys,
guns clicked against temples,
money exchanged for lives.
I often sit and wonder
just exactly how I got out of that business
but then I remember: I didn't.
:iconxaathel:Xaathel 2 11


The Great Fandom War by Shubbabang The Great Fandom War :iconshubbabang:Shubbabang 3,365 672
The Science of Living
We are water and ichor,
we are air and memoirs,
we are fire and ore
and clay struck by stars.
This is the science of living.
We are arsenic and porphyry,
we are helium and spirit,
we are mercury and malady
and neon and kismet.
This is the science of living.
We are roses and riot,
we are daisies and sanguine,
we are bracken and velvet
and amaranth and omen.
This is the science of living.
:iconthelunalily:TheLunaLily 32 105
bribes for shaking shoulders
Yours Truly,

I didn't mean for this to rattle the windows of the world.
It was like I am an Earth,
my solid nickel core burning stony impenetrable
sitting hard on your neck like the squat bar
You know I'm just bluffing, because last night I wasn't.
I was a gray dove in the lavender-pink twilight
lighting on your shoulder, cooing in your ear,
balancing, swaying as your deltoids trembled
and you were an oldold man,
leaning on the cherry cane of your faith, surecertain it
wouldn't hold your weight much longer. Nothing
can prop you up, keep you from buckling under the
weight of your dreams, fantasy, god, Utopia,
Toss me a breadcrumb. Shift Antarctica off
to the left a bit, and reward me. Elegant
graydove will screech your testimony like a Fury
I'm a hurricane who will coo them
an elegaic ballad of muscle-tears and lactic acid
sending atrophied athletes with spectacles
home for their tea and brooding melancholy,
witnessed when i
:iconinkatmidnight:InkatMidnight 9 14
girls are all dwee dwee dwee
guys are all doo doo doop
:iconphotosynthetichuman:photosynthetichuman 1 4
a gap in the heart
mangled by
my mephitic memory
infected and plagued
by this toxicant of a girl
with lethal lips, her septic saliva
seducing shades of pestilential poison
giving birth to a cancer cell in my core
virus after my own soul
hole of nothing
sucking, rotting, fucking
hole of nothing
can't forget, without recalling
and it kills, and it dies, and it yearns
consuming, consuming
what's left, not much
a gap in the heart
:iconphotosynthetichuman:photosynthetichuman 3 8
Witch of Space by poichigeon Witch of Space :iconpoichigeon:poichigeon 26 5
And here, dear readers, lies the conclusion.
She liked to start at the end and go backwards, or else she would never finish what she started, for how does one know where to end something if they don't know where to begin?
Pandora's box sat on her desk, waiting to be opened. And when she did, what she found wasn't evil or sin or even hope. It was a note, a yellowed piece of parchment.
Create your own story, it read.
So she did. She plucked words out of the sky, picking only the torn, broken ones. Then she sat down at her desk, pushed the box aside, and began to write.
:iconirrelephantlovesyou:Irrelephantlovesyou 8 11
Self Sabotage, Sugar
She thrives in heartbreak,
living for the crash and the
She wants to
trust and
love and
be serene
but there's something
about pain.
Something that pulls her in
(pushes you out).
She thrives in sorrow,
aching for the burst and the
She wants to
smile and
laugh and
be loved
but there's something
about betrayal.
Something that builds her up
(breaks you down).
She thrives in panic,
yearning for the snap and the
She wants to
dance and
fly and
be held
but there's something
about loneliness.
Something that makes her soar
(takes your wings).
:iconkamcalste:kamcalste 16 37
Got You
They say there's plenty of fish in the sea
And some sharks and some dolphins too,
But as I'm drifting right along
I can't help but think of you.
So let me cast my golden rod
Far and deep beneath the blue,
And maybe I'll catch a better fish
That'll make my dreams come true.
:iconirrelephantlovesyou:Irrelephantlovesyou 10 11
cardboard boxes and
obtuse metaphors.
that's what we seem to be.
our gorgeous neon skeletons,
calcium and carbohydrates and marrow
to the very core,
we drip color
shine a million shades of rainbow-
faceted, facetious like diamonds,
i suppose, full of
wheat thins and artificial flavoring
somehow, we're perfect
and we're so good at this,
at settling ourselves down with
our pretty-ugly-big-little average mates
in a beautiful little-big cardboard box
and we self-medicated little fools,
angels that we may be, to say love,
i think we manage just fine.
:iconpuppetspoisonink:PuppetsPoisonInk 14 29
Broken Girls
Beware the Trojan Horse girl,
when she rings your doorbell
at 2:57 in the morning.
Dressed in desperation and despair,
she will entice your complacency
with wet eyelashes and quivering lips.
But once she slips through
your door she will invade you
with the plummet of her hips.
It's not her fault that Daddy,
he drinks, and Mama,
she sinks into the sludge of gloom.
She'll flee her prison-room into
the blotted ink of mid-night
and throw herself at your door,
begging you for more,
more, more of your
heart, your
head, your
But if you let her in
--- hold her shaking shoulders,
--- wipe her trembling tears,
--- kiss her lonely lips,
she will swallow you whole.
Beware the Trojan Heart girl,
when she lies in your arms and
speaks of regret. By morning,
she'll only know your name as
:iconkamcalste:kamcalste 21 33
amp it up
i am the happy
wash me down, drink me up
half-glasses of water
spilt across the bedroom
still and quiet, carpet
dust to settle
on the bridge of my nose;
glasses for [un]seeing
eyes, slippery marbles.
three to six a day,
repeat as needed.
i am happy
pills, along the bedside
line the windows, take them all
gumdrop candy, fly to lands you know.
(rather, fly away
from one i don't.)
:iconjulij90809:JuliJ90809 7 2




United States
I decided yesterday that I'm going to take art seriously. So, I'm working on my basic concepts and learning from there. Big shout-out to excellent friends who are awesome and tell me when I'm doing something horribly wrong.

Current Residence: Chicago
Favourite genre of music: Could never do this.
Favourite style of art: Dadaism
Operating System: Scalpel and Surgical Knife
MP3 player of choice: Android
Shell of choice: Conch
Skin of choice: Potato
Favourite cartoon character: Deadpool
Personal Quote: "You'll look much wiser if you take a long time to be convinced of anything"- M. Twai
Not really off the rails. But things are becoming more and more positive here, eh? This week I broke 20 watchers and with the weird acceleration rate now, I should hit 1000 pageviews by Friday.

So thanks everyone. Not gonna get all wishy-washy or anything, just thanks.

Alright, I might just make a habit of these journal things. Maybe then I could forget them more often.

And hey, if anyone's ever in Chicago, note me up, we'll hang out.


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